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At LEAN Wellbeing we create and deliver effective programmes that improve employee, executives and entrepreneurs ability to manage stress and wellbeing, through resilience habit training.

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Our Focus

We focus on delivering programmes that can help increase workplace well-being, improve productivity habits, manage stress and increase employee retention.

By developing people-centered leadership and management skills.

By improving effectiveness and productivity.

By raising expectations and improving workplace attitudes.

By increasing mental clarity and focus through good nutrition.

We have a number of programmes that can help with improving staff well-being, workplace stress, increasing staff retention and workplace productivity by managing physical and mental well-being.

Lunch & Learn

Our lunch & learn sessions are great way to make excellent use of a short  time during the day.

Half-Day Workshop

Our half-day workshops give you a chance to explore any learning objectives in a timely manner.

Full-Day Workshop

Our full-day workshops will allow you build on key elements and create solid action plans.

Bespoke Workshops

We can create bespoke a programme to suit your unique company needs and objectives.

Executive One-2-One Coaching

Specialising in weight loss, diabetes and stress management

LEAN Wellbeing Executive Coaching empowers clients to make lasting behaviour changes that are the foundation for a lifetime of good health and  mental well-being.

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